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  • Trzonek
  • Współczynnik CRI
  • Kąt świecenia [°]
  • Stopień ochrony
  • Kolor
  • Filament LED
  • Ściemnianie
  • Czujnik zmierzchowy
  • Czujnik ruchu
  • Styl
  • Zawiera LED
  • Materiał
  • Producent
  • Gwarancja
    2 lata
  • Rodzaj źródła światła
    Żarówka G9 (MAX. 15W)- brak w zestawie
  • Wysokość
    170 mm
  • Napięcie zasilania [V]
  • Średnica
    160 mm


  Bulb (LED design) E27 LED on G9

We offer a new product on the Polish market! Pioneering glass frame with unrivaled unique design with precision and attention to every detail from the highest quality materials - which guarantees long and fruitful use. The product fulfills the role of an extravagant bulb (in combination with ULBU27, ULBU50; E27 lampholders) and a modern hanging lamp (included with ULFN91, ULFN02, etc. with G9 light source). It is possible to adjust the height of the lamp suspension and the use of various types of LED bulbs available on our website, which is only an additional advantage of the product - depending on the needs and inventions of the customer can be used in various arrangements.  

Presented luminaire has one place for the source of light providing optimal lighting for any interior. The product fits perfectly into both modern and traditional interiors, giving them a warm character and emphasizing the decor.

The unique square form determines the uniqueness of this lighting fixture. Additional geometrical ornamentation creates from it an atmospheric complement to the home and public space - cafes, restaurants.

The advantages of LED lighting:

Thanks to the very high lighting efficiency of LEDs you will reduce your energy bills up to ten times.

The LED light sources turn on immediately, they do not need time to warm up and they withstand many cycles of switching on and off. Thanks to these advantages, you will save electricity and avoid the costs of purchasing new light sources and their replacement - which is of great importance in the case of hard to reach places.

You will help to protect the environment by reducing the carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming.

LED diodes, unlike fluorescent lighting, do not contain toxic substances that can get into the air, soil and water, resulting in a number of civilization diseases including cancer.

You will provide yourself with the comfort of rest and work, as the LED emits natural and non-pulsating light that does not contain harmful to the eyes UV radiation

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